miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

Company exceeds the employer

Company exceeds the employer

An entrepreneur who is dedicated and invests time, money, effort, patience, health and strength to give life to an idea that at some point is seen by the environment as nonsense.

To the extent that this idea is taking shape and to cultivate fertile ground, phase to take roots among begins trial and error; the employer may or may not discouraged. Constancy is the key to keep fighting to follow the path.

The time comes that idea becomes a company, personnel, logistics, production processes, self-image and presence in society that can even be a recognized institution in the community where it operates.

At that time the company has its own nature, the employer feel that you lose control of it and will feel obliged to give orders without meaning, ignore their staff; which is frustrating to feel that their ideas are not heard; If you understand this effect, the owner must let the business run itself and that's when the miracle of organizational self-able to give the creator entrepreneur's ability to care for him as a member of their own organizational community is achieved. 

The employer must recognize when to give way to growth of the organization itself has created, often the same decisions and can cause damage especially when the company draws its daily customer-supplier-government-staff relationship without ignore the role of comprehensive wealth generation system for internal-external environment that is growing and expanding their horizons often achieving unimaginable goals of its founders.

It may be years when entrepreneurs realize their own company exceeds expectations and even becomes a social actor that leaves a mark on society.

MSc. Orlando Cuicar Ortiz
ICELUZ Director 
Maracaibo – Venezuela 08/13/2014